Solar Works Ltd - Terms of Business

The following terms govern all orders by the client and shall be incorporated into each contract entered between the Buyer and Solar Works Ltd for the supply of goods and services.

  1. Price
    1. The price shall be increased by the amount of GST except where expressly included in the quotation given.
    2. Alterations to any price shall be effective from the date specified at the time of giving notice to the Buyer.

  2. Payment
    1. Unless expressly amended in the quotation, payment in full will be made 7 days after receipt of invoice.
    2. Solar installations require a 60% deposit before ordering of equipment.
    3. In the event of the Buyer supplying their own materials and a fault is discovered with that purchased item(s), the Buyer will be invoiced directly for the additional labour costs to rectify the problem.
    4. An invoice will be issued and payment must be made on this invoice.
    5. In all circumstances Solar Works Ltd retains ownership of materials until complete payment is made.
    6. If the Buyer defaults on payment Solar Works Ltd may charge a default penalty at a rate per annum equal to the retail lending basis at Kiwi bank and calculated on a daily basis on the unpaid portion of the price from due date until payment is full.
    7. If a credit or debt collection agency is required to obtain payment any costs charged by the agency in the course of collection of outstanding monies owed by the Buyer, including commissions will be charged and paid by the Buyer.

  3. Disclaimer. In the event of The Buyer supplying their own materials, and that purchased item(s) fails and causes damage to the Buyers property, Solar Works Ltd will not be liable.
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