Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

How does the loan work?

A Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan can be added to a Kiwibank Home Loan to pay for an approved renewable energy system (see the lending criteria below). The loan must be repayable over no more than 10 years. The home loan can be an existing loan, a new loan or a loan transferred from another bank.

What are the lending criteria?
  • No application or loan restructure fee if you add a Sustainable Energy Loan to your existing Kiwibank Home Loan.
  • The minimum loan amount of a Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan is $5,000.
  • The system purchased with your Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan must be commercially available to the general public, supplied and installed by a member of the Sustainable Electricity Association of New Zealand or Solar Association of New Zealand, and have at least a 10 year manufacturer's warranty..

What are the benefits?

Kiwibank will contribute a maximum of $2000 over four years ($800 at the end of year one and $400 at the end of year two, three and four). This payment will be made directly into the Sustainable Energy Loan portion of your overall lending.

For further information visit the Kiwibank website.
Sustainable Energy Loan
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