Solar Water Heating

At Solar Works we choose only the best solar products.
That is why we have chosen to use only Kingspan evacuated tube collectors.

We also can supply and install flat plate collectors if this is your preference or is more suited to your installation. If your site does not lend itself to solar there is also the option of a heat pump cylinder. We are only too happy to discuss these options with you at a free site visit.


Some things to consider

At Solar Works we make sure we meet your needs.
There are many variables, so careful consideration of each of these is paramount to getting the best outcome. Here are just some of the variables to consider when planning your solar installation:

Site, sunlight hours, roof position and pitch, wind exposure, street appearance, roof access, number of people in the home, usage (eg showers or baths), add-ons like wet-back or under-floor heating.

We can assess all of these for you and make recommendations that suit your budget. We will even arrange building-consent on your behalf.


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