Gas Hot Water Heating

As certifying gas fitters we install, repair and service gas appliances, including hot water systems, gas heaters and flame-effect fires.

Introducing the BOSCH 26 eco+
The BOSCH 26 eco+ is the most energy efficient gas hot water system. It is a high-efficiency, fully condensing appliance. Unlike traditional hot water systems, a condensing unit captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water, making the 26eco+ the most efficient gas hot water system on the market.

  • Condensing technology
  • 6.9 star energy efficiency rating
  • 26 litres per minute
  • Secondary heat exchanger for maximum efficiency
  • Neutraliser for non-acidic condensate
  • Install up to 4 temperature controllers
  • Ideal for 2 - 3 bathroom homes
  • Available in Natural or LP Gas

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