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Solar energy is the most abundant form of renewable energy in the world. Energy from sunlight can reach the earth's surface with a maximum intensity of more than 1000W/m2. Solar heating is the process of taking the solar energy and converting it into usable energy.

At Solar Works we focus on solar water heating.

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Pleased to be in Hot Water

Read the Dominion Post editorial about Solar Works.

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“ Greg is a superior technician who understands solar systems. He has had 16 years' experience with Solar thermal.

Forman Building systems have on multiple occasions requested that Greg visit sites should a system not be working at optimum level and he has a 100% strike rate in solving and refurbishing a system to restore optimum performance. ”

“ I can without hesitation state that Greg is our number 1 installer in New Zealand. ”

Mike Budd, Forman Building Systems Business Manager - February 2016

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